At Physiotherapy Posture & Pilates we allow three quarters of an hour to one hour for your initial assessment.

We like to take time to get a full history and understanding of your presenting problem and goals for treatment. Often parts that are under stress are due to other areas not performing well or being stiff so we like to check this out. In the session we explain what is going on and the plans for rehab as well as every day tips on how to manage your condition with your everyday activities.

For acute injuries we use a variety of hands on techniques, electrotherapy and if needed dry needling.

However our special interest is chronic pain and we work with you to move to a more rehab program where we find ways to get you move and strengthen your body without aggravating your pain. This allows the body to build up resilience and helps
improve endurance for daily activities and helps work on a more pain free pattern of movement and better posture.

If you have not previously attended classes at Physiotherapy Posture & Pilates, you will need to have an assessment before commencing Physio Equipment classes.

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